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Music Industry

musicThe industry which deals with composition of music, recording of music as well as the performance of music is called music industry. In the music industry the personnel. Who does make composition and performance of music is called musician. It is found all over the world that musicians are exceptional creatures of God. The music comes from the inner most heart of the musician, it does not matter that one is engaged with music industry for a long time rather the situation is different as it is the inherent part of the singers.

The business structure of the music industry is not an easy task to describe shortly it’s a big deal to illustrate each and every corner of the music industry. However we are getting a rough idea here about the structure of music industry. Music industry deals with many different types of organization, different types of firms as well as different types of artists. Combining all of them industry makes their business through recorded music, live music, artist management and representation, music in movies, music in plays as well as music in the all inauguration program.

Now a day world is changing day by day and this affects on the culture of every country, with the changing of the culture music industry has also to change their pattern every day.

The music industry deals to the cheer’s of individuals and there is not a single person in the whole world who does not enjoy the music due to this reason it’s turned in to a highly prestigious and expensive business of today’s world.

If we survey the biggest music industry of USA, the global market was estimated about $ 30 to 40 billion in 2004, total annual unit sells of CD, Music Video and MP3s were $ 3 billion in the same year 2004. These two data will say how big the music industries in the USA. The biggest four industry of the United States of America are Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI group.